We value quality of living.


The Aussie Built team has combined their years of experience in the Australian Outback with the Oklahoma red dirt to develop forming and ramming systems that produce precision rammed earth structures. 

Our passion is to "build for a lifestyle and not cost per square foot". To build a home that functions in symbiosis with its hosts. If it makes sense why aren't we doing it? No more toxins and unhealthy air. A truly minimal maintenance structure that works with its surroundings that will mark the test of time.

Passion for the environment flows into everything Aussie Built does. From utilizing local soil and natural materials for rammed earth to creating rainwater collection systems that help reduce the use of domestic water. We use our experience, passion, and common sense to create beautiful structures that will not only last a lifetime, but will leave a lasting impression on all who experience it.

Mick Gower - Founder

Native Australian, Mick Gower, is a true craftsman just like his grandfather, Frank Gower, a journeyman carpenter and master builder who was commissioned to build the entire township of Nangwarry, South Australia.  With over 25 years of living, working, and breathing the relationship of earth and structures, it’s not only Mick’s journeyman training origins, or his extensive experience in living off-the-grid, or his many years designing and building in the US,  it’s the Gower family ethos of authenticity in work, adventure, and sustainability that inspires every aspect of Aussie Built. 



Having grown up in Australia, Mick has always had a sense of adventure and has been eager to learn and take on any challenge presented to him.

With a mum who instilled practicality and work ethic and a dad who encouraged a “give it a go” mentality, the possibilities of things to do and ways to learn were alway presents in his young life. 



After enrolling at the University of Western Australia, Mick got itchy feet and decided to journey outside of his country life and become a student of the world. Whether it was hitchhiking through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Nepal, India, Kashmir, and France or putting down some roots in England and Ireland for awhile, Mick has always been a guy on the move, ready to tackle the next big adventure and lesson that was on the horizon.



Mick achieved many accolades during his journeys. While in England and Ireland he achieved his City of Guilds Carpentry Apprenticeship. In Australia became a Journeyman Carpenter and this is when he began working and traveling along the west coast as a carpenter. 



Sprinkled throughout his entire journey is his two seasons on a scallop trawler in Western Australia, gold prospecting the outback, and being a barefoot outback tour guide, because really, who needs shoes? 

During one of the outback adventure tours he was leading, Mick rescued a drowning woman from a crocodile infested river. She’s now his wife. 



That day was the catalyst that brought Mick to the United States. Mick and his wife, Gayla, have three children, Jack, Ben, and Ave. Mick is a Spanish Mustangs breeder and trainer, has served on missions trips to Africa and lives a true to self-lifestyle. Mick's many adventures and stories are best shared around a campfire or on a job site.